Highlights of Xabi Alonso’s press conference (via Dermot Corrigan) | August 29, 2014

If Bayern Munich is interested in you, you should not rethink about joining the club for a second and should have the aim to archive a lot with this club. I am really looking forward to what’s coming. Munich is a metropolis. My family and I will surely feel well.
It fills me with pride that I get the chance to play for this great club at my age. (…)
I have always heard that FC Bayern is like a big family, however it has been archived a lot with professional work. It’s wonderful that I can now be a part of this. —Xabi Alonso ±

"Today is a sad day as I’m closing a wonderful chapter that started 5 years ago. I will always be part of the Real Madrid family. Leaving Real Madrid was the hardest decision I have ever had to take. I want to thank everyone for treating me well."

Hardest choice of my life; my memory of real madrid will be eternal.

But I need this change.”

Xabi Alonso 

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"As long as we have the possibility then we still have to fight for it." Thank you xabi alonso :: goodbey !

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“They have been five wonderful years. It is a sad day because I’m closing a marvellous chapter. I had a great time here, we have won big things and now a new chapter opens for me. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to take; leaving Madrid is never easy. I have mediated it well and I wanted to be honest with Real Madrid and myself. You have to know when to say goodbye and I think that this was the best moment to do so”. 

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Thank you Xabi Alonso!

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